Petrol garden tools easily out perform their electric equivalents

Petrol garden tools easily out perform their electric equivalents. In the long run they also make more economic sense, because although 2-3 times more expensive, if well maintained, a tool from a reputable manufacture could last the home gardener a lifetime.

Many people however are put off buying a gas-powered lawn mower or strimmer, because of what they perceive to be complicated and expensive maintenance procedures. This is though, is a myth and not a good reason for preferring an inferior, albeit cheaper electric power tool.

For a start, most maintenance tasks BV206 mechanical parts Manufacturers are a matter of turning the tools over once a year to a decent small-tools repair shop. The costs for regular maintenance should not be far in excess of $50 – $100 for each tool per year. This should fit into the average homeowner’s gardening budget. If the plugs, oil, and filters, e.t.c. are replaced on time, then for the average home gardener, there should hardly be any need for expensive repairs.

In between the annual trip to the repair shop, there are a number of simple steps anyone can take, to ensure that the machines work properly and efficiently. The most important thing is to clean air filters as regularly as possible.

*Most 4-stroke engine lawn mowers have a paper air filter that just needs a simple bang on the pavement to remove dirt and chaff. This takes about 1 minute, but if done after every mowing will ensure optimal filtration until it’s time to replace the filter. (Usually between 25-50 working hours)

*Likewise, the air filters for 2-stroke engine tools like strimmers, blowers, and hedge-trimmers, need regular cleaning. These are usually sponge filters, which can be rinsed in some petrol to dissolve the oils that have accumulated. The whole operation should take you about 2 minutes, although the filter has to be thoroughly dry before returning to the machine. Be sure to wear rubber gloves for protection as well.

*Another task that will take up between 1-2 minutes of your valuable time is inserting grease into the axis of strimmers and hedge trimmers. Read the instruction book carefully to locate the points that require greasing. Failure to do so will severely reduce the lifespan of the tool, which is a pity for the 2 minutes work required every hour or so of operating time.

”My Lawn Mower Won’t Start”

This is a common refrain at the beginning of spring amongst homeowners. The cause is invariably the failure to empty the petrol tank at the beginning of winter, or at the onset of any extended period when the mower will not be in use. If you cannot siphon the petrol out, simply run the machine until the gas has run-out. Alternatively, and preferably from a gas-emissions point of view, ask the repair shop to do it, as part of the annual maintenance program.

Perhaps there are a number of tasks, such as cleaning the air fins of a lawn mower with a jet of air, or sharpening blades, that the average home gardener will not wish to carry out. These, as mentioned, can be done by a professional. Nonetheless, it is wise to consult with the instruction manual, to make sure that nothing is missed.

Overall, the performance and longevity of petrol garden tools are so superior to those of electric ones, that the investment in time and money required over the year should not deter the home gardener from choosing a gas-powered garden tool.

On the other hand if you already have a riding lawn mower

On the other hand, if you already have a riding lawn mower, you can replace your current seat, if you haven’t done it yet. Snowmobile rubber track Most of these accessories can be bought at your local store or usual provider. Some of them need to be powered by the motion of the wheels and suit with most mower models. Modifications might be more difficult when a mower body or deck is involved in.

. All in all, if you want simply to replace a damaged or broken part of your current machine, a similar component won’t be too expensive to afford. You can feel a big difference on you mower once you have replaced a piece or attached a new accessory. Therefore, what operators use to do is to replace the standard seat by another, much more comfortable. Higher prices will come when you want to improve you mower by adding new features or accessories. Most lawnmowers accessories are separate items that just need to get hooked to the back of the mower. Most of them are just improvements of the standard or current parts.

Often, a part replacement or just to attach a new add-on shouldn’t be too difficult.

There are many accessories out there to improve a lawn mower. As an example on what homeowners use to do is to replace the tires, and the lawnmower will become extremely stable while turns on any direction. You can attach, modify or replace as many parts or accessories as you require.

In general, mower accessories can be obtained at affordable prices. From the engine and deck on, you can modify as many parts as you want to make your mower working smoother and more efficiently. Your lawnmower will reward you with a substantial better performance as well as you will enjoy like you never though mowing the lawn. Typical additions are chain trippers, soil aerators, water rollers or seed spreaders amongst others. Standard riding lawn mower seats are not comfortable enough to spend long rides. If not, you don’t have to worry about. They use to come with a step-by-step instructions manual for the installation.

The engine and deck are basically the most important parts of a lawn mower. Keep in mind that your machine won’t work at all without either of these parts

You wont have to buy new blades or chain

You won’t have to buy new blades or chains.

Maybe you don’t have a chain saw.  If you prefer, there are special rotary blade files that can be used.  You needn’t go to a professional blade sharpener.  If you prefer a razor-sharp edge, a flat file or a smooth grade file could do the trick.  There are many kinds to choose from.  It’s able to sharpen, as well as put a razor-sharp edge on your blade.  I’m talking about the yard itself.  They’re specified in the owner’s manual, so be sure to check and use the right size.

June 2008


Len Q.  It does a fine job of sharpening lawn mower blades.  Not everyone likes, or is able, to turn their blades in for professional sharpening once or a few times a year, anyway.

Whether you have a lawn mower, a chain saw or an axe for maintaining your yard, you can do the fastest, and cheapest, sharpening job ever by doing it yourself.  Periodic use of Track tensioning system a chain saw becomes necessary, in such cases.

To sharpen a lawn mower blade, a bastard file is a good choice.  If you do then you’ll probably know that working with a dull axe will make you frustrated and tired.  If you would like to learn more about

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Find it here at www.MakeKnivesSharp.

If home owners are fortunate, there are trees that enhance the look of their yard and home.  You can do the sharpening yourself, right at home with your own hands using a sharpening file.  You’ll be developing very useful skills that could save you hundreds of dollars and a great deal of time.  To sharpen the many cutting teeth of a chain saw, round files are used.  If you have trees in your yard, you may have a chain saw, even an axe. is a master blade sharpener and an adventurer who strives to protect the natural world.  It just takes a bit of time, patience and practice.  If you’ve got a lawn, you’ll probably own a lawn mower.  You could really ruin your chain.  Maybe you’ve got an axe.  The smooth gradefile is meant for edges that need to have a nice smooth finish.

Believe me, you don’t need to buy new blades.  The coarse grade file is meant to remove a lot of metal, like when you’ve got to reshape a blade edge that has been dinged, nicked badly or banged up.  Be careful.  Tough working axes don’t need such a sharp edge.  But I’m not talking about gardens and gardening tools.  This is usually the last step in sharpening.  You’ve got to make it sharp for your own safety and not just for the job you need to do.  If you do it right, your blades could last your lifetime.

When it’s time to clean up outside and do the yard, certain tools are commonly used no matter where you are.  Each type is meant to work on a specific type of surface.  What’s your plan when your blades become dull?  When the lawn looks unhealthy after you’ve just cut it, when your chain saw is taking too long to do its job, when you’re forced to keep swinging away with your axe because it’s just not cutting right?  Well, you know it’s time to sharpen up those blades up.  An axe file or a cross cut file may be used to get your axe in good working condition.  Don’t just buy what you find.  They’re also called chain saw files.  But they do need it to be sharpened correctly in order to cleave through the wood.  Your choice will depend upon just how sharp you want your blade to be.  It all depends on just how sharp you need it to be.  The teeth on a chain saw come in different sizes.  You won’t be spending gas money to go drop them off to a professional and then to pick them

.  Isn’t all that worth it?

Why use a sharpening file?  Sharpening files are lined with strong cutting ridges that abrade, or smooth, metal or wood.

This could be the fastest sharpening because you’ll be doing it yourself, right there where you are.  It could be the cheapest sharpening because you won’t be paying anyone to do it for you.  And it really isn’t hard to do